The UQCTP enables teachers to articulate reasoning skills within the context of disciplinary knowledge, but in a way that empowers students to transfer the language, skill set and cognitive awareness associated with critical thinking across into other areas of their lives as well as other disciplines.


The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters - Goya



The UQCTP works collaboratively to:



  • encourage a UQ wide discussion of critical thinking in programs

  • develop and disseminate research in critical thinking

  • articulate pedagogical implications of research in critical thinking

  • support and resource staff in implementing critical thinking programs and enhancements

  • promote and provide professional development opportunities for staff

  • develop and implement measures of success in teaching critical thinking

  • become a leader in critical thinking research

  • provide expertise and identify potential for primary and high school critical thinking programs

  • establish and resource the UQCTP web site

  • develop a critical thinking assessment database