The UQCTP  consortium members have designed courses in critical thinking and helped in embedding critical thinking skill within new courses.

Brisbane School of Distance Education (BSDE) 

  • Working with teachers to establish and help resources online courses in critical thinking that have been delivered to hundreds of students in Years 5-10 through BSDE infrastructure.  
  • Helping to introduce and resource the senior subject Philosophy and Reason, which focuses on developing critical thinking skills.

  • Facilitating BSDE students to enroll in PHIL1110 Critical Reasoning as an ESP subject taught by BSDE teachers supported by UQ staff and delivered through BSDE infrastructure.

Enhanced Studies Program

  • Developing new courses targeted to students in the beginning of Year 12 that focus on thinking and writing skill to support academic success.

  • Refashioning exisiting courses into summer intensive courses in critical thinking for secondary students to access during  winter holidays.

Postgraduate Critical Thinking

  • Design and implementation of a course Critical Reasoning designed for journalism and Communication graduates.

  • Student backgrounds also included those form law, medicine, philosophy, history and science.