Dominic has taught logic and critical reasoning at UQ for the past 15 years, to students in the Arts and Sciences, as well as Enhanced Study students from local high schools and students from the Brisbane School of Distance Education. A logician working on formal models of reasoning, Dominic has spent many years engaging students in the task of getting them to think more clearly about explanatory, justificatory and cognitive processes both for the purposes of improved academic skills and also for the (now somewhat old-fashioned) idea, championed in the 1930s in the UK, that by being better and more critical thinkers they are better equipped to participate in and contribute to democratic processes as active and informed citizens.  

Dominic has also worked with school students in "community of enquiry" settings, given numerous talks on philosophy and reasoning to schools in south-east Queensland, and was one of the designers of the high school Philosophy and Reason syllabus.