The UQCTP offers professional development and training to a variety of partners.

School Teachers

Teachers from Cairns to the Gold Coat have taken part in face to face teacher professional development activities offered through the UQCTP.  These activities range from subject specific training to the development of critical thinking pedagogies and core skill test preparation. The project has also delivered professional development to teachers in South Africa by invitation of Thinking Schools South Africa across the country.


The UQCTP has provided professional development for teachers and lecturers at a number of universities in Queensland. These sessions have focused on the development of critical thinking pedgagogies that can be delivered through a discispline base.


Several school and educational institutions have benefited by the consultancy work provided by the UQCTP.  While most advice has centred around critical thinking and teaching, leadership and management programs have benefited from the inclusion of critical thinking material. The UQCTP has also provided corporate professional development to a range of clients, including

  • The Australian Defense Force
  • The office of the Coordinator General
  • Brisbane City Council Town Planning